Monday 31 August 2020

LISTEN: Seramic - 'History (Acoustic)'

It's no secret that I adore Seramic. Over the last few years, through single releases, a couple of incredible EPs and a whole bunch of shows, stripped back through to full band (dancing optional but usually unavoidable) I have fallen hard for this project. Seramic is a collaborative project fronted by Marcus Foster, his vocals are simply incredible - the range and power he has never fails to amaze me, whether on recordings or at live shows. In December, I caught him playing a set at a Bear's Den charity gig (with the ever so talented Layla Ley on vocals too) - it was the last show that I got to go to with my best bud before lockdown so is retrospectively really special, and seeing Seramic again together was a huge treat. 

With an album (!) on the way soon (not soon enough but.... patience) he decided to record some acoustic versions of the new tracks at home in lockdown, and has just shared the first, entitled History. From the first notes, I was transported back to that show in December, where he premiered this track and me and my pal were blown away. Tis a good one. If this is a stripped back version, god help me for the studio recording, which Marcus says is "massive". Consider me poised and waiting.

On History, Marcus explains that it is "a song that was inspired by my love and passion for gospel music. I wanted to write a song that spreads a positive message that if you work hard, believe in yourself, follow your own path, follow your intuition, you can achieve your goals and make something new and exciting - you can make something original. [...] there is a reason why we hear this formulaic message again and again and why it works so well - because it has truth, it feels incredibly empowering, it gives us hope and makes us feel good."

"It’s very comforting for me to hear classic songs like You’ve Got a Friend, or Lean on Me. If you are ever down or feel alone, there are always these songs that have got your back. The entertainment business is so incredibly tough and challenging and there are such incredible highs and such extreme lows. Most people's career is very short lived and you can rise and fall off the map in the blink of an eye. History is a song that I feel has my back. Its a reminder that by doing things differently & paving my own way, I’ll get to have a 60 year career. It may be a slightly longer road but the journey is so much more interesting and rewarding." 

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Thursday 27 August 2020

LISTEN: Hauskey - 'Slow'

"I'd get a lot done if I didn't think, and waste so many times in my head... "

Cast your mind to sunnier climes... to Perth, Australia to be precise. Homegrown talent Hauskey has been making waves in his home country with his debut single, Slow, which was recently released here in the UK too. On release, the track had support from BBC Radio 1's Jack Saunders, describing it as his favourite track of the year - quite the accolade. 

It may be his first single as Hauskey, but Andy's journey to this point has been long and winding. From sitting down at a piano at 3 years old, busking at 12 and writing his first tracks at 13, to discovering John Coltrane in his mum's record collection. He studied at Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts, a highly selective BRIT School esque environment. Inspiring, but expensive - he casually set up his own music school, with over 500 students... Feeling that his music wasn't heading in the direction he intended, and channelling his pilot father, he took of to London to make it as a pop star, ending up back in Australia eventually. Writing, recording, curious, hungry, and most certainly not put off of exploring where else his music could take him. 

The result, for now, is Slow. A catchy, sunny tune that speaks to the busy minds and busy lives of us all. Mostly, this one is a bit of a bop (get your dancing shoes!) So this isn't strictly *new* but it is pretty exciting, and you'll want to give it a listen and give Hauskey a follow to see what comes next.

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Wednesday 26 August 2020

EP NEWS: Sophie Jamieson - 'Release'

Now this is something really special. Sophie Jamieson is sharing new EP Release on December 1st. Somehow, I had no idea that she'd released another EP, named Hammer, back in February. Listening belatedly now and in complete awe. Sophie first came onto the scene with her debut EP Where back in 2013, at 22 years old. The ensuing buzz around the release saw her heading on support tours with the likes of Marika Hackman and Pale Seas, and I caught her playing alongside Sivu around that time. Things looked really promising until suddenly, she seemed to disappear. She was in fact experiencing a breakdown and some very self-destructive habits.

Now aged 29, and with the Hammer EP already under her belt, Sophie is cementing her 'comeback' with the Release EP, produced by Steph Marziano (Hayley Williams, Ex: Re, Denai Moore). She describes that the EP was "written during one of the loneliest periods of my life. Becoming disconnected from those close to me, I searched for connection blindly, drinking past blackout and getting myself into trouble. The next day I would find a way to punish myself. It was a vicious circle." 

Lead track Forward, she explains, is "about trying to find some control amid chaos. My instinct for years had been to deny that a period of time had happened, to empty myself of its trace - but at this point I began to understand that I could accept it, that it is part of who I am and that I do not have to destroy the evidence of my past in order to move forward." 

Mark it in your calendars - the Release EP from Sophie Jamieson is set for release on December 1st.

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Tuesday 25 August 2020

LISTEN: Tempesst - 'High On My Own'

After weeks of having this in my inbox, I've finally just settled down for a first listen of the upcoming debut record from Tempesst. Must Be A Dream is exactly that - I've been listening to this band for four years and this is exactly what I envisaged their album would sound like. Though I might not have predicted the saxophone solo... I love a saxophone solo. The rest of you have just over a month left to wait, it's due on September 30th via Pony Recordings. Worth the wait, I promise. For a taster... they've just shared High On My Own, the album's third single. 

I'm getting a kind of MGMT and Django Django vibe from this one initially, but don't get me wrong, Tempesst are uniquely and recognisably themselves. Psychedelic vibes and five-way harmonies abound. Lyrically, this track surrounds the all-too-relatable feeling of comparing the narrative of your life to your peers. On the pace of the track, frontman Toma describes that "we wanted to push the listener into a single direction and then pull the rug out from under them - it's very representative of the lyrics." 

Speaking on the single further, Toma explains that "I grew up near Noosa, a small beach town in Australia. In my town, a 30 year old man was typically a family man, with a normal job, a mortgage etc. The kind of guy who had a balanced life and what seemed to be contentment as a byproduct. These guys had beliefs, they lived by a code that guided each decision with a brand of certainty that I envy and in my subconscious, this archetype framed the kind of firm identity one should expect to acquire by age 30. A couple of decades on, here I am, 30, still wandering, without the beliefs or certainty I expected to have."

Must Be A Dream is due for release on September 30th - pre-order the limited red vinyl (signed!) version from Blood Records here.

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Monday 24 August 2020

WATCH: Dizzy - 'Beatrice'

So you might have seen me posting about how brilliant the new Dizzy record is on social media by now... but if not, well - it is!!! Seriously stunning. I adored their debut record Baby Teeth so much, playing it over and over in the store player at work. It was always going to take something special to come close but after a few listens I think I am definitely loving this one just as much! Delighted to find this in my inbox today, a new video for Beatrice, one of my favourite tunes from the album - it's a treat to see a band performing live and having a great time too!! 

About the video, singer Katie Munshaw says that it "was unique because we were actually playing our instruments. In most music videos you're meant to only pretend like you're playing but Ryan was really keen on making the performance feel genuine - and after being apart for so long due to COVID we were stoked to be able to just hang out together and jam for a few hours. Having our gear plugged in for hours made the mirror room extremely hot and by the last take we were sweaty and tired and a little buzzed - so basically we got our tour fix despite the looming pandemic outside the studio."

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Friday 21 August 2020

LISTEN: Siv Jakobsen - 'A Temporary Soothing'

"It's a cliche, and everyone says it, but it really does feel like a form of therapy to write [...] to perform a song is like having a pocket frozen in time, and every song takes me back to a certain moment or part in my life. They're like little time capsules. There are songs that I wrote years ago and I can remember the situation that prompted the song, what the room I wrote it in looked like, what the weather was like. It's like keeping a really detailed diary."

A teeny album recommendation for your Friday - today brings new records from Dan Croll and Brooke Bentham (I had written two other artists here but entirely misjudged their release days...) but you'll struggle to find anything quite as, for want of a better word, soothing, than this. This record is exactly the tonic we need for this year, and it'll bring you comfort for years to come. A perfectly named release, and one delayed by covid... I've had a stream of this in my inbox since January and I'm delighted that it is finally out in the world. Siv Jakobsen's A Temporary Soothing is, in essence, sublime. 

The album arrives in the wake of her debut EP The Lingering (2015) and debut LP The Nordic Mellow (2017) and the extensive touring that she did to support the release of both. After this busy period, she took some time to rest at home in her native Norway, allowing the events and experiences of the previous years to settle. Writing for a new record began...

Now, A Temporary Soothing is here. Released via Norwegian label U OK? the record was produced by Chris Bond (who notably produced the first two Ben Howard records.) Heavy work commitments meant the pair met to record for intense periods of one week or two across the space of almost a year. This process allowed Siv creative freedom to try new things, exploring ideas between recording sessions. 

On writing, Siv comments that "there is often a preconceived notion made about artists who write 'sad songs', that they must be sad people. I have made the same presumption about others in the arts and this idea of the 'suffering artists' stuck more and more to my consciousness after several encounters where I felt I was met with amusement that I 'seemed like a happy person.'" Responding to these thoughts, she explains that the record "was conceived from this building fear that I wouldn't be able to be both happy and a good writer at the same time. Ultimately, it developed into a broader look upon my relationship with fear and nerves."

With honesty, integrity and her personality at the heart of her writing, this record, collectively, serves as a window onto this chapter of Siv's life. Musically, the songs are like a warming hug against the snowy Norwegian backdrop. Silky smooth vocals, sumptuous (I said it!!) strings, there's a lot to like here. Anywhere Else is one of the best tracks you'll hear this year, but it's hard to separate them. It's a really divine piece of work. I best pencil it into the records of the year post plans now.

Listen to/order A Temporary Soothing here.

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Thursday 20 August 2020

WATCH: Arlo Parks - 'Hurt'

So just to check - we're all agreed that Arlo Parks is a star, right? As if Eugene, Black Dog, her Easy Life collaboration and a Radiohead Creep cover weren't enough for a year, she's back with a sublime new track. Hurt premiered as the Hottest Record on Annie Mac's BBC Radio 1 show last night - I caught the end of the track and was instantly moved. The music video, directed by long-time collaborator Molly Burdett, is equally as stunning. 

About the track, Arlo says that it "surrounds the possibility of healing from pain and the temporary nature of suffering. It is supposed to uplift and comfort those going through hard times." 

I'm a little blown away and chuffed to see that the last single, Black Dog, has had such a positive response, with nearly 10 million (!) global streams, the A-List on BBC Radio 1 and BBC 6Music and a performance of it in front of the Pyramid Stage for this year's Glastonbury Festival coverage. More recently, she was crowned winner of the One to Watch category at last week's AIM Independent Music Awards. The future is looking pretty bright for Arlo, and I'm excited to be along for the ride as a big fan of her work. In that vein - very excited to hear that she's been working on finishing touches on the debut record, news of which is coming soon!

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Wednesday 19 August 2020

WATCH: T Truman - 'Rock 'n' Roll'

A little late to the party with this news, but, look, what a party!!! Really excited to share that T Truman is releasing his debut EP Born To Be Right on September 25th. New single Rock 'n' Roll joins recent track Holiday... as first tastes go, this is shaping up to be something quite wonderful. The solo alter-ego of Timothy Lanham (of Halloweens and The Vaccines fame, no less) you know you're in marvellously safe hands with this project. 

Releasing the track alongside a glorious Timothy Heinrich directed video (watch below) this is a stadium filler, a self-aware and self-critical love letter to a genre, and to a generation. About the track, Timothy wrote: "this song is a tear I'm shedding for the genre of music I'm in the business of making. If I was around in '73, I'd be a raging success."

The Born To Be Right EP was co-written and co-produced by Timothy's friend and long-term collaborator Geoff Roberts - look out for it on September 25th!

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Tuesday 18 August 2020

LISTEN: China Bears - 'Statue Still'

"out of the woodwork come all my friends, but I'm too caught up in all I want to hear what I need" 

I braved the outside world to meet a couple of friends for breakfast today, bought a lot of books and then saw a man dressed as Mr Bean selling Teddy(s) from a suitcase.... that's more than enough of the real world for one day. Now: time for something new! I loved discovering China Bears (through my blog submissions, I think) last year - their I've Never Met Anyone Like You EP was one of my favourite releases of the year and it was a treat to see them playing a set at Sofar Sounds in Oxford about a year ago, and to meet them after. Ivan referencing a post from the blog made me a very happy blogger - you mean, people actually read this stuff?! 

They're back with Statue Still, the title track of an upcoming EP due for release via Fierce Panda. As is their style, it treads the line between being mellow and sort of anthemic, touching on some slightly dark subject matter. Frontman Ivan explains that "'Statue Still' is written about those initial stages of loss and healing. For me it's like the feeling you get after you watch a great film in the cinema. The film is over and you now have to go home, but you just want to stay in that theatre and be in that world for a little while longer. You're aware it's over but you didn't want it to end and you weren't ready, so you're just stuck in that in-between. You can't stay forever though, and it's better to walk yourself out that the ushers coming to remove you." 

Having had a trip to the US for SXSW 20 cancelled and their March tour pushed back, it's been pushed back again to March next year. Fingers crossed for them to get to play! Tickets here.

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Monday 17 August 2020

WATCH: LAUREL - 'Scream Drive Faster'

A week off work!! Hooray!!!! The prospect of some time off from working in retail during a pandemic is kind of delightful - there may be some extra posts this week but I will likely just spend the time catching up on TV shows and reading. For now - here's a brand new tune from LAUREL which may in fact be my favourite ever release of hers. Truly loving it, and it's at the top of the playlist this week.

I caught LAUREL playing in an Oxford cinema for Sofar Sounds about four years back, a really lovely stripped back set, and loved her debut record DOGVIOLET which came out back in 2018. She's back with a slightly funkier sound, an 80s vibe and a snazzy video to pair it with. Adoring this, AND there's more music on the way. Phew.

Posting the new track online, she shared - "I wrote the track with bestie Chrome Sparks on a chance encounter in New York City after we bumped into each other, I a little lost and Jeremy with a flat. How serendipitous life can be. It is fun to remember, during 2020 as the world totally crumbles all around and everyone in charge suuucks, that there is still magic in the air."

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Friday 14 August 2020

ALBUM NEWS: Cosmo Sheldrake - 'Wake Up Calls'

I'm writing this late on Thursday evening, fully aware that I should be sleeping, so I'll try to make it quick... I am very very excited to share that musical genius (a status awarded by me) Cosmo Sheldrake is bringing out a new record in little over a month. Cosmo fans like myself will adore this, but it is also most certainly one for nature lovers. Those of you who spent more time outside during lockdown, appreciating the birdsong from your gardens, may, like me, have been struck by a desire to learn more about your avian neighbours. 

Consider this album an education. A collection of birdsong, layered with Cosmo's recognisably glorious sounds. New tune Cuckoo Song is a beautiful example - with Cosmo singing the Benjamin Britten song, alongside the sound of a Cuckoo singing above Britten's grave in Aldeburgh Cemetery, recorded by soundscape ecologist Bernie Krause.

Over to Cosmo with some more info... "Wake Up Calls was created over a nine year period, using recordings of bird song featured on the red and amber lists of endangered British birds (with the exception of a Robin and a Blackbird, which aren't endangered - yet). The album starts at night with a Nightjar and a Nightingale. The music progresses, track by track, through dawn and day time, round to the evening chorus and back to night with another Nightingale and an Owl."

You can pre-order Wake Up Calls on Bandcamp here.

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Wednesday 12 August 2020

WATCH: Bear's Den - 'Napoleon' (Live - Fragments)

I try not to have regrets for the gigs I didn't go to (the worst kind of torture... right?) but any tiny regrets bubbling under the surface are being magnified SO MUCH at the moment. I miss live music. How can I not feel like an absolute moron for missing out on Bear's Den playing the Fragments shows a couple of years back. Essentially, the total legend Paul Frith (of The Sea & I and The Hoosiers fame and an absolute master of composition) re-imagined tracks from all three of the band's records with an added orchestra, and the results - from what I've heard so far - are stunning. 

Luckily... to taunt me, the band announced that they're releasing an album filled with studio recordings of the Fragments versions. They shared Fuel on The Fire recently, and just shared Napoleon with a lovely video with footage from the show at EartH in Hackney. On Napoleon, Paul says that it was "the first 'fragments' track we worked on, so for me it holds a very special place representing the genesis of what turned out to be a very special project! I can't wait for you all to hear it and begin your own journey with this music..." 

You can pre-order the Fragments record on CD and translucent vinyl from the band's online store here - it's due on 18th September.

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Tuesday 11 August 2020

LISTEN: The Staves - 'Nazareth'

My first real introduction to The Staves was seeing them perform a secret set in a wine bar at my first Bushstock Festival back in 2015. The intimate setting, the fact that we'd just seen Alex Vargas and Nick Mulvey play and Nick telling me and a friend (in an apologetically freaking out way) that friend of The Staves, none other than actual Justin Vernon (!!!!) was upstairs, made for a real atmosphere of excitement. Turns out I was really really lucky to be in the room for that set, it was stunning. The sisterly harmonies are something to behold. 

They'd not long released their second record If I Was at the time, and they brought out a collaborative EP with yMusic in 2017, but things have been quiet on the Staves front since. Outside of the band, however, they've been very busy bees. A lockdown podcast, an adorable baby and vocals on music from the lieks of Christof van der Ven, Bon Iver, Lucy Rose, Paul Weller, Flyte & more..... you get the picture: they're in high demand, and rightly so. 

Nazareth is the first new music from the trio in a while, and it has all the elements that you'd expect from a Staves track. Self-produced by Jessica, Camilla and Emily, it is a thing of wonder. Seriously beautiful. 

On the track, the band explains that "we recorded Nazareth in one take on a field recorder sat outside the studio in the summer of 2018. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. We tried recording it in the studio but just kept coming back to this version. It seemed to have the magic. The song was intended to be in the spirit of an Irish blessing or a kind of a prayer, asking to be kept safe - but it pretty quickly became a more personal and introspective lyric. Moments of glory quickly faded. Worrying, trying. How we mean everything and nothing at the same time. To everyone, to no-one.”

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Monday 10 August 2020


I'll sit here gathering dust, just wondering... do you get lonely? Cos I do. 

I'd like to think that it's no secret that I completely adore BE GOOD. For those of you who don't know, they're an Oxford-based four-piece making dreamy pop tunes, and they're one of the best bands in existence (proven fact, that.) One of my favourite discoveries made via a submission to the blog in 2017 - the blog and the band have in a way grown up together for the past few years. The last few months have brought some lovely tunes and content from the band, who have just shared Cathy, the first track they wrote in lockdown. Frontman Ash Cooke was kind enough to take some time to send over quotes about the track... I'll let you read those and stop flailing about how brilliant this band is. (But they are!)

Lyrically, he explains that "the song is an imagined conversation with someone who I was separated from during lockdown. I found myself blaming her for some of the negative things I was feeling, but I realised I was being ridiculous so I included her response in the second verse. In that verse she reminds me of everything she's done for me and urges me to figure myself out before lashing out at others."

"Some of the ideas for 'Cathy' had been floating around for a little while, but when we first went into lockdown it was one of the first things we recorded and it came together pretty quickly. We played a gig with Sansha in Peckham a while ago and loved her songs and her voice, so we asked her to remotely record some backing vocals and she absolutely nailed it."

"For the lyric video we went to Hinksey Lake in Oxford at sunset. There's a train track on the other side of the lake and we were crossing our fingers that a train would go past while we were shooting. Luckily enough it happened on the first and only take. We shot another version of the video where I jumped into the freezing cold water at 5am but I doubt it'll ever see the light of day."

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Thursday 6 August 2020

LISTEN: Matilda Mann - 'Robbed'

Since Matilda Mann shared her single As It Is back in June (which I hastily added to the blog playlists and shared on the site) I've been eagerly awaiting new music. The next track from her upcoming EP is here and it is sublime. Tender vocals place the track in the realm of the likes of Fenne Lily, Billie Marten and Lucy Rose. Production on this one makes it an intimate listen, sitting perfectly with the subject matter, as it is a track about what can be lost when falling in love and giving everything to the other person.

Talking about the track, Matilda says that it is "the most personal thing I've ever written. It's one of those songs you just sit down and write instantly the whole way through because it's exactly what you were thinking. It's about vulnerability, losing all your senses because of how in love you are. Not seeing red flags and signs. Being too caught up in them. In all honesty, it's about being desperate for love." 

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Wednesday 5 August 2020

EP NEWS: Ferris & Sylvester - 'I Should Be On A Train'

I've got a lot of love for this pair... Ferris & Sylvester just shared I Should Be On A Train and announced news of their upcoming EP of the same name, due in October via LAB Records. The EP sees them expanding on their signature blend of blues, Americana and folk, bringing in some psychedelic touches and a cover of With A Little Help From My Friends, inspired by weekly covers shared with fans via livestreams through lockdown.

You can watch the video for the track below - it features Super 8 footage shot by the pair during lockdown, interspersed between clips of their last headline show in Amsterdam's Paradiso. There's a really timely nostalgic feel to it and the song is ace as ever!

Talking about the EP, the duo explains that "the world is adapting to a new reality, and we’ve been determined to adapt with it and get creative. It can be difficult in isolation to know how to move forward. People are lonely, overwhelmed and yearning to connect. We were busy writing for future projects, trying to map out the next chapters. But we decided it was more important to give what we can now. All we know is we are happiest when sharing our music and we hope this brings joy to people.

No strangers to the live circuit, Ferris & Sylvester have announced dates in the UK and US for early next year, including London's Lafayette on 1st March. Fingers crossed for them! Tickets and dates here

Pre-order the 12" limited edition vinyl release of I Should Be On A Train here.

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Tuesday 4 August 2020

LISTEN: Ruti - 'Closer To You'

Tuesday (every day) means new music... am I right? I'm loving this new track from Ruti at the moment, taken from her upcoming 4-track EP, due to be released later in the year. The track arrives a year since the release of her iTunes chart-topping debut EP Racing Cars, and a couple of years after her The Voice winners single Dreams. From the first listen, Closer To You had me mesmerised by those instantly recognisable vocals. Smooth and soulful vibes abound. The track was produced by Wayne Wilkins, who is known for his work with BeyoncĂ© and Leona Lewis

Talking about the track, Ruti explains that "I had the guitar riff for Closer To You saved as a voice note for literally months, I was just completely stuck for concept and lyrics. Then I brought it up in a session one day and everyone really vibed with it and we wrote to it so easily. It feels like Closer To You has been on its own little journey but I love where it is now and can't wait to share." 

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Monday 3 August 2020

ALBUM NEWS: Novo Amor - 'Cannot Be, Whatsoever'

I mostly aim to use this blog to spread the word about music that I love, and I am so unbelievably excited to be writing this post!!! Novo Amor (AKA Welsh artist Ali Lacey) just announced his new record, Cannot Be, Whatsoever, due for release on 6th November. Since finding the title track of his debut record in the blog's inbox in 2018, his music has never been far from my ears. Through the fairly non-stop listening of the record after the release later that year, he became (unsurprisingly) my most listened to artist of the decade on Spotify. Probably on vinyl too, if my record player was counting...! He's a wonderful artist with great ethics and a beautiful team and band working alongside him, and he's a generally lovely person, you can't really ask for more.

The record is just a few months away and new single Opaline (watch the video below) joins previous double single Decimal and Halloween on the track-list. I'm positively itching to hear more and will be playing this one on repeat in the meantime! There is something so special and unique about Ali's music, a simultaneous power and vulnerability, with mesmerising soundscapes that just scream to be let onto a film soundtrack. I'm genuinely so grateful to have found his music. 

The new record is up for pre-order on the website - as with the previous album, the vinyl is going to be made from recycled vinyl pellets. The process means that every record is unique - honestly, streaming has nothing on the beauty of a recycled vinyl record. If the record itself (both musically and visually) wasn't gorgeous enough, there's photography for the project from Dan Harris which is superb, and artwork hand-stitched by Tilleke Schwarz. A lot to love!

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