Monday 24 August 2020

WATCH: Dizzy - 'Beatrice'

So you might have seen me posting about how brilliant the new Dizzy record is on social media by now... but if not, well - it is!!! Seriously stunning. I adored their debut record Baby Teeth so much, playing it over and over in the store player at work. It was always going to take something special to come close but after a few listens I think I am definitely loving this one just as much! Delighted to find this in my inbox today, a new video for Beatrice, one of my favourite tunes from the album - it's a treat to see a band performing live and having a great time too!! 

About the video, singer Katie Munshaw says that it "was unique because we were actually playing our instruments. In most music videos you're meant to only pretend like you're playing but Ryan was really keen on making the performance feel genuine - and after being apart for so long due to COVID we were stoked to be able to just hang out together and jam for a few hours. Having our gear plugged in for hours made the mirror room extremely hot and by the last take we were sweaty and tired and a little buzzed - so basically we got our tour fix despite the looming pandemic outside the studio."

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