Thursday 26 February 2015

WATCH: Public Service Broadcasting - 'Go!'

Huh? You haven't listened to Public Service Broadcasting before? Sort it out! Watch the video for their new single Go!, taken from their new record, titled Race For Space. Their approach to music making is unique and interesting, playing guitar and drums (among others) over samples of speech from propaganda material, public information films, and archive footage. It shouldn't work, but it does, and it sounds great.

Wednesday 25 February 2015

WATCH: Sam Beeton - 'Belong'

Check out the video for Sam Beeton's new track Belong, taken from his debut record In The Yard, which is set to be released at the end of March. It'll be released on CD, vinyl and digitally, preorders for all formats are here.

Sam is one of my favourite artists, who I've been lucky to see live quite a few times, can't recommend taking a listen to his back catalogue and pre-ordering the new record enough! Expect big things...

Thursday 19 February 2015

WATCH: Everything Everything - 'Distant Past'

Take a listen to Distant Past, the latest offering from the fantastic Everything Everything, taken from their third record Get To Heaven, set to be released on 15th June! As a follow up to the superb second record Arc (you might know the tracks Kemosabe, Cough Cough, and Don't Try), I've high hopes for this album, and actually quite like this track. It captures their unique chant-like lyrics and harmonies, and blurs them with an almost 90s-dance melody, which makes the track catchy and I envisage quite a festival crowd pleaser with that chorus! The band have announced shows in London and Manchester in April, offering presale access if you pre-order the record through their website before the 25th Feb.

LIVE: Adam Barnes house gig (18/2/15)

Source: Megan Seekings
A few years ago I watched the St Pancras Station Sessions religiously, and loved this session, a chap called Adam Barnes performing his track Apples. He's from Oxford, and since I've been living here for university I've seen him three times, first at Oxford's Oxjam Takeover and then at a headline full-band show at The Cellar. 

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Adam at a house gig down the road from my halls of residence, where he played a beautiful acoustic set with guitarist Joe Hicks. Really nice unusual gig situation with about 20 people in total, mostly people I know through the local Sofar Sounds shows, all very quiet and respectful during Adam's set (apart from during the Whitney Houston sing-a-long which shouldn't have been as enjoyable as it was...) Pretty cool night of music and chat in all!

Thursday 12 February 2015

LIVE: Jack Savoretti at HMV Oxford St (12/2/15)

Source: Megan Seekings

On Monday, the brilliant Jack Savoretti released his new record Written In Scars, to which I highly recommend a listen Seriously, its a genius album - Jack is a talented man. He’s currently on a UK tour, with a London show coming up on 4th March. Tour dates and ticket links are here.

Earlier today, I was lucky to attend a special instore set from Jack at HMV’s flagship Oxford Street store in London. Being the first time I have seen Jack live, the show (though too short for my liking!!) was incredible, with all new tracks from the record, in an energetic full band set, including the first track of the album, Back To Me, of which I recorded a snippet.

Having loved Jack since the release of his 2012 record Before The Storm, I really enjoyed meeting him, if briefly, he was as charming off stage as on it! I told him that I was now thinking of going to his London show, and he said that I basically had to… the man has spoken!

Wednesday 11 February 2015

LISTEN: Sivu (feat. Rae Morris) - 'The Nile'

A few nights ago I had the pleasure of seeing Rae Morris live. Her set was, as expected, completely beautiful. Roaring with emotion, catchy tracks, and some pretty cool hair all round. Support came from Fryars, who I absolutely adore. After the show, I was a little dumbfounded meeting Rae, and could think of little more to say than that I was really looking forward to hearing what her and Sivu had been working on. Two nights later, and I have to wait no longer, as the stunning track The Nile debuted online, and I was not disappointed.

What can I say about Sivu? Well, I've never met someone who is more ignorant of his absolute brilliance. Honestly, he's an incredibly humble musician, being genuinely thankful, and I think somewhat surprised, when people praise his work. At his album release show, it was clear that he was amazed and very appreciative to have the crowd singing back his song Better Man Than He. So as Sivu wouldn't tell you himself how fantastic his new track is, I thought I better had!

Sivu heads out on a UK tour, with local supports, towards the end of February through to March, including a hometown show at The Portland Arms in Cambridge, and a London show on March 24th. Tickets here.

Tuesday 10 February 2015

LIVE: King Charles 28 Shows 28 days (Feb 2015)

With University deadlines, Christmas and other things, I've been struggling to find time to post on here. However, the last couple of months have been pretty special for music for me, with the return of Sam Beeton, a beautiful debut from up and coming artist Rae Morris, and some brilliant gigs in the last week or so. I've been waiting for a reason to write a post, and seeing one of my favourite bands for the first time in almost 2 years seems like a pretty suitable excuse...

So, a week ago King Charles and co played a show at the O2 Academy Oxford, where I'm currently living for university. With a fantastic setlist comprising of a mix of the hits and a range of superb new tracks from the *hopefully soon to be released* second record, I had high hopes for the night, and wasn't disappointed. Excitingly, these new tracks include a version of Lady Of The River, a track which KC used to play with Mumford & Sons on a US tour a few years ago. There's also a new version of Loose Change For The Boatman; it seems that much of the new album will be made up of old, previously unreleased tracks, a brilliant prospect. After the show, I was lucky to spend some time with the band backstage, and was put onto the guestlist for their show the following night, at Sub 89 Reading. Embarking on my first adventure to Reading, I had another fantastic evening, with the new tracks coming across really well live, and the crowd and band clearly having a great time. I can't wait to see the band again at The Forum in London on the 28th Feb.

All three aforementioned shows are part of Charles' 28 Shows 28 Days tour, which does what it says on the tin - the band are playing gigs across the UK every day of February. The remaining tour dates and ticket links can be found here:

And now we simply have to wait for that second record... but with it being produced by the legendary Marcus Mumford, and with the new tracks sounding superb live, I'm sure it will be absolutely worth the wait!