Wednesday 26 August 2020

EP NEWS: Sophie Jamieson - 'Release'

Now this is something really special. Sophie Jamieson is sharing new EP Release on December 1st. Somehow, I had no idea that she'd released another EP, named Hammer, back in February. Listening belatedly now and in complete awe. Sophie first came onto the scene with her debut EP Where back in 2013, at 22 years old. The ensuing buzz around the release saw her heading on support tours with the likes of Marika Hackman and Pale Seas, and I caught her playing alongside Sivu around that time. Things looked really promising until suddenly, she seemed to disappear. She was in fact experiencing a breakdown and some very self-destructive habits.

Now aged 29, and with the Hammer EP already under her belt, Sophie is cementing her 'comeback' with the Release EP, produced by Steph Marziano (Hayley Williams, Ex: Re, Denai Moore). She describes that the EP was "written during one of the loneliest periods of my life. Becoming disconnected from those close to me, I searched for connection blindly, drinking past blackout and getting myself into trouble. The next day I would find a way to punish myself. It was a vicious circle." 

Lead track Forward, she explains, is "about trying to find some control amid chaos. My instinct for years had been to deny that a period of time had happened, to empty myself of its trace - but at this point I began to understand that I could accept it, that it is part of who I am and that I do not have to destroy the evidence of my past in order to move forward." 

Mark it in your calendars - the Release EP from Sophie Jamieson is set for release on December 1st.

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