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If it's a playlist you're after, I've got plenty for you to choose from and would love for you to check them out, follow them, share them around & let me know if you enjoy!! If you're an artist submitting to the blog, your music might end up on one of these. Here they all are, with a little explanation for each...

Screenshot of some of my Spotify playlists

2022: cool music and things - my favourite tracks from the year in one playlist, updated weekly.

2022: acoustic/folk/chilled - the tracks that don't fit onto that ^ one, the quieter ones. updated weekly ish. 

girls allowed - a work in progress. as I wrote about in a recent post about the R&L line up, I'm trying to listen to more music by women (as traditionally my listening habits have included a disproportionate number of male artists). this playlist celebrates that goal. it started off with tracks from my favourite women in music and I'm adding to it as and when I make exciting new discoveries. 

the CMAT office stereo - the newest addition. a rolling playlist of 100 tracks that I'd be listening to in the CMAT office, if such a place existed. an extra place to celebrate tracks I get sent to review but don't have chance to. 6 hours (give or take) of ace brand new music.

songs to cry to (and things) - some of my favourite (new and old) sad songs & songs that are so beautiful you can't help but cry.

And some other/older ones....

I'm also on Soundcloud (here) and have a monthly playlist there, sharing pretty much all the tracks I enjoy that month.

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