Thursday 6 August 2020

LISTEN: Matilda Mann - 'Robbed'

Since Matilda Mann shared her single As It Is back in June (which I hastily added to the blog playlists and shared on the site) I've been eagerly awaiting new music. The next track from her upcoming EP is here and it is sublime. Tender vocals place the track in the realm of the likes of Fenne Lily, Billie Marten and Lucy Rose. Production on this one makes it an intimate listen, sitting perfectly with the subject matter, as it is a track about what can be lost when falling in love and giving everything to the other person.

Talking about the track, Matilda says that it is "the most personal thing I've ever written. It's one of those songs you just sit down and write instantly the whole way through because it's exactly what you were thinking. It's about vulnerability, losing all your senses because of how in love you are. Not seeing red flags and signs. Being too caught up in them. In all honesty, it's about being desperate for love." 

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