Wednesday 12 August 2020

WATCH: Bear's Den - 'Napoleon' (Live - Fragments)

I try not to have regrets for the gigs I didn't go to (the worst kind of torture... right?) but any tiny regrets bubbling under the surface are being magnified SO MUCH at the moment. I miss live music. How can I not feel like an absolute moron for missing out on Bear's Den playing the Fragments shows a couple of years back. Essentially, the total legend Paul Frith (of The Sea & I and The Hoosiers fame and an absolute master of composition) re-imagined tracks from all three of the band's records with an added orchestra, and the results - from what I've heard so far - are stunning. 

Luckily... to taunt me, the band announced that they're releasing an album filled with studio recordings of the Fragments versions. They shared Fuel on The Fire recently, and just shared Napoleon with a lovely video with footage from the show at EartH in Hackney. On Napoleon, Paul says that it was "the first 'fragments' track we worked on, so for me it holds a very special place representing the genesis of what turned out to be a very special project! I can't wait for you all to hear it and begin your own journey with this music..." 

You can pre-order the Fragments record on CD and translucent vinyl from the band's online store here - it's due on 18th September.

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