As well as a passion for music, I'm interested in photography. While I don't get many opportunities to take my camera out to gigs the moment, I took photos at various gigs (including the local Sofar Sounds shows which I volunteered at) while studying in Oxford. I've included some of my favourite photos that I've taken below - there are more on my Flickr here, at the moment I'm really getting into wildlife photography!

Sam Beeton photoshoot (Feb 2013)
Balloon Ascents at O2 Academy Oxford (May 2015)
Fred Abbott at The Borderline, London (July 2015)
Chris Ayer at Sofar Sounds Oxford (October 2015)
Richard Walters at Sofar Sounds Oxford (November 2015)
Stornoway at St John the Evangelist Church, Oxford (November 2015)
Sam Beeton photoshoot (Feb 2013)
Freddie Dickson at The Bullingdon, Oxford (April 2015)
Dizraeli at Sofar Sounds Oxford (April 2015)
Tom Terrell at Sofar Sounds Oxford (Feb 2015)
Twin Hidden at Sofar Sounds Oxford (Feb 2015)
Matt Owens at The Boogaloo, London (May 2015)

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  1. I love your passion for music in different areas. You are fun!