Thursday 27 August 2020

LISTEN: Hauskey - 'Slow'

"I'd get a lot done if I didn't think, and waste so many times in my head... "

Cast your mind to sunnier climes... to Perth, Australia to be precise. Homegrown talent Hauskey has been making waves in his home country with his debut single, Slow, which was recently released here in the UK too. On release, the track had support from BBC Radio 1's Jack Saunders, describing it as his favourite track of the year - quite the accolade. 

It may be his first single as Hauskey, but Andy's journey to this point has been long and winding. From sitting down at a piano at 3 years old, busking at 12 and writing his first tracks at 13, to discovering John Coltrane in his mum's record collection. He studied at Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts, a highly selective BRIT School esque environment. Inspiring, but expensive - he casually set up his own music school, with over 500 students... Feeling that his music wasn't heading in the direction he intended, and channelling his pilot father, he took of to London to make it as a pop star, ending up back in Australia eventually. Writing, recording, curious, hungry, and most certainly not put off of exploring where else his music could take him. 

The result, for now, is Slow. A catchy, sunny tune that speaks to the busy minds and busy lives of us all. Mostly, this one is a bit of a bop (get your dancing shoes!) So this isn't strictly *new* but it is pretty exciting, and you'll want to give it a listen and give Hauskey a follow to see what comes next.

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