Tuesday 25 August 2020

LISTEN: Tempesst - 'High On My Own'

After weeks of having this in my inbox, I've finally just settled down for a first listen of the upcoming debut record from Tempesst. Must Be A Dream is exactly that - I've been listening to this band for four years and this is exactly what I envisaged their album would sound like. Though I might not have predicted the saxophone solo... I love a saxophone solo. The rest of you have just over a month left to wait, it's due on September 30th via Pony Recordings. Worth the wait, I promise. For a taster... they've just shared High On My Own, the album's third single. 

I'm getting a kind of MGMT and Django Django vibe from this one initially, but don't get me wrong, Tempesst are uniquely and recognisably themselves. Psychedelic vibes and five-way harmonies abound. Lyrically, this track surrounds the all-too-relatable feeling of comparing the narrative of your life to your peers. On the pace of the track, frontman Toma describes that "we wanted to push the listener into a single direction and then pull the rug out from under them - it's very representative of the lyrics." 

Speaking on the single further, Toma explains that "I grew up near Noosa, a small beach town in Australia. In my town, a 30 year old man was typically a family man, with a normal job, a mortgage etc. The kind of guy who had a balanced life and what seemed to be contentment as a byproduct. These guys had beliefs, they lived by a code that guided each decision with a brand of certainty that I envy and in my subconscious, this archetype framed the kind of firm identity one should expect to acquire by age 30. A couple of decades on, here I am, 30, still wandering, without the beliefs or certainty I expected to have."

Must Be A Dream is due for release on September 30th - pre-order the limited red vinyl (signed!) version from Blood Records here.

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