Monday 31 August 2020

LISTEN: Seramic - 'History (Acoustic)'

It's no secret that I adore Seramic. Over the last few years, through single releases, a couple of incredible EPs and a whole bunch of shows, stripped back through to full band (dancing optional but usually unavoidable) I have fallen hard for this project. Seramic is a collaborative project fronted by Marcus Foster, his vocals are simply incredible - the range and power he has never fails to amaze me, whether on recordings or at live shows. In December, I caught him playing a set at a Bear's Den charity gig (with the ever so talented Layla Ley on vocals too) - it was the last show that I got to go to with my best bud before lockdown so is retrospectively really special, and seeing Seramic again together was a huge treat. 

With an album (!) on the way soon (not soon enough but.... patience) he decided to record some acoustic versions of the new tracks at home in lockdown, and has just shared the first, entitled History. From the first notes, I was transported back to that show in December, where he premiered this track and me and my pal were blown away. Tis a good one. If this is a stripped back version, god help me for the studio recording, which Marcus says is "massive". Consider me poised and waiting.

On History, Marcus explains that it is "a song that was inspired by my love and passion for gospel music. I wanted to write a song that spreads a positive message that if you work hard, believe in yourself, follow your own path, follow your intuition, you can achieve your goals and make something new and exciting - you can make something original. [...] there is a reason why we hear this formulaic message again and again and why it works so well - because it has truth, it feels incredibly empowering, it gives us hope and makes us feel good."

"It’s very comforting for me to hear classic songs like You’ve Got a Friend, or Lean on Me. If you are ever down or feel alone, there are always these songs that have got your back. The entertainment business is so incredibly tough and challenging and there are such incredible highs and such extreme lows. Most people's career is very short lived and you can rise and fall off the map in the blink of an eye. History is a song that I feel has my back. Its a reminder that by doing things differently & paving my own way, I’ll get to have a 60 year career. It may be a slightly longer road but the journey is so much more interesting and rewarding." 

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