Monday 10 August 2020


I'll sit here gathering dust, just wondering... do you get lonely? Cos I do. 

I'd like to think that it's no secret that I completely adore BE GOOD. For those of you who don't know, they're an Oxford-based four-piece making dreamy pop tunes, and they're one of the best bands in existence (proven fact, that.) One of my favourite discoveries made via a submission to the blog in 2017 - the blog and the band have in a way grown up together for the past few years. The last few months have brought some lovely tunes and content from the band, who have just shared Cathy, the first track they wrote in lockdown. Frontman Ash Cooke was kind enough to take some time to send over quotes about the track... I'll let you read those and stop flailing about how brilliant this band is. (But they are!)

Lyrically, he explains that "the song is an imagined conversation with someone who I was separated from during lockdown. I found myself blaming her for some of the negative things I was feeling, but I realised I was being ridiculous so I included her response in the second verse. In that verse she reminds me of everything she's done for me and urges me to figure myself out before lashing out at others."

"Some of the ideas for 'Cathy' had been floating around for a little while, but when we first went into lockdown it was one of the first things we recorded and it came together pretty quickly. We played a gig with Sansha in Peckham a while ago and loved her songs and her voice, so we asked her to remotely record some backing vocals and she absolutely nailed it."

"For the lyric video we went to Hinksey Lake in Oxford at sunset. There's a train track on the other side of the lake and we were crossing our fingers that a train would go past while we were shooting. Luckily enough it happened on the first and only take. We shot another version of the video where I jumped into the freezing cold water at 5am but I doubt it'll ever see the light of day."

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