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If you're an artist/PR/label (or anybody in-between) with a new track or some music related news that you'd like to share with me, feel free to get in touch via email!

I work through submissions regularly and try my best to listen to everything, but I'm running the site alongside a full time job and other commitments, and it is impossible to reply to everything. If I don't get back to you/share your track, please don't take it personally!

As well as tracks I'm writing about on the blog, I add some submissions which I enjoy but don't get chance to share on the site to my Spotify playlist the CMAT office stereo here - check it out!

You can check out some of my recent posts to see the sort of music that I'm digging (the blog is entirely written by one person, so the posts are a reflection of the music I'm into.) Generally I listen to alternative, indie, folk, acoustic, lo-fi and the like but I'm happy to give pretty much anything a go - but as a rule, I probably won't post about rap, hip-hop, heavy metal, screamo etc... 

You can chat to me on the other networks below too!

Twitter: @coolmusicthings 
Hype Machine: cool music and things

And - while you're here, if you'd like to support the blog (it's a completely for-the-love-of-it venture that I work on in my spare time) then I've got a Ko-fi page here

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