Monday 3 August 2020

ALBUM NEWS: Novo Amor - 'Cannot Be, Whatsoever'

I mostly aim to use this blog to spread the word about music that I love, and I am so unbelievably excited to be writing this post!!! Novo Amor (AKA Welsh artist Ali Lacey) just announced his new record, Cannot Be, Whatsoever, due for release on 6th November. Since finding the title track of his debut record in the blog's inbox in 2018, his music has never been far from my ears. Through the fairly non-stop listening of the record after the release later that year, he became (unsurprisingly) my most listened to artist of the decade on Spotify. Probably on vinyl too, if my record player was counting...! He's a wonderful artist with great ethics and a beautiful team and band working alongside him, and he's a generally lovely person, you can't really ask for more.

The record is just a few months away and new single Opaline (watch the video below) joins previous double single Decimal and Halloween on the track-list. I'm positively itching to hear more and will be playing this one on repeat in the meantime! There is something so special and unique about Ali's music, a simultaneous power and vulnerability, with mesmerising soundscapes that just scream to be let onto a film soundtrack. I'm genuinely so grateful to have found his music. 

The new record is up for pre-order on the website - as with the previous album, the vinyl is going to be made from recycled vinyl pellets. The process means that every record is unique - honestly, streaming has nothing on the beauty of a recycled vinyl record. If the record itself (both musically and visually) wasn't gorgeous enough, there's photography for the project from Dan Harris which is superb, and artwork hand-stitched by Tilleke Schwarz. A lot to love!

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