Wednesday 17 April 2019

WATCH: Bear's Den - 'Laurel Wreath' & 'Crow'

With just over a week to go until the release of their third studio album So that you might hear me, and while in the midst of a UK tour (which saw me catch the band in Nottingham last week - check out my write-up here) Bear's Den have been gracing us with lots of tears of the new record. Last week they shared the music video for latest single Laurel Wreath, and have kept up the momentum with the release of brand new track and video Crow yesterday. Both videos and a little bit of info are below... I'll be reviewing the record at some point next week so keep an eye out for that post too if you're a fan of these guys.

The Laurel Wreath video was shot in the Marzahn-hellensdorf neighbourhood of Berlin, a neighbourhood home to many immigrants to Germany, but also a stronghold of the far right. The video features local actors from a housing centre for refugees and explores themes of loneliness as the actors go about their lives blindfolded, reflecting the track's recurring lyric "you don't have to be lonely alone, I could be there in a heartbeat." The director duo Jungle describe the idea of "people living their lives in the private cubicles they call home, willingly unaware of each other. Paying a price for their individuality. A dreamlike reality where people embodied their isolation through blindfolds."

The next track on the record, Crow is one of the most emotive, stripped back tracks on the album. It is one of the band's most personal songs to date, with singer Andrew Davie saying "the song was written in memory of my Mum's boyfriend who lived with us growing up. He was an awesome guy and somewhere between a father figure and a best friend to me growing up but unfortunately he passed away when I was 15. I wrote this song as I wanted to acknowledge how important and thankful I am to him for helping to raise me and my sister." The video for the track shows a bunch of the band's fans in Nashville, London, Brussels and Sao Paulo listening to the track for the first time alongside family members. It's an incredibly simplistic video offering, but makes for emotional viewing.

Davie explains "we thought that a music video that celebrated the idea of family would be the most appropriate thing we could do. Frequently we receive an overwhelming number of messages from people telling us about their relationships with the songs and their stories of how those songs have interacted with their lives. We wanted to honour those stories and provide an opportunity for their stories to be told. 

Once a song is written and recorded and available, we cannot claim it to be ours, alone, anymore. This song lyrically encompasses so much of what we stand for and talking openly about difficult things and sharing those thoughts with our fans means we can support each other and feel less alone in life's harder moments. There is a weight to our relationship with our audience that we take seriously and won't ever take for granted." 

Head to the Bear's Den website to pre-order your copy of the new record So that you might hear me, due for release 26th April.

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