Tuesday 23 March 2021

LISTEN: Novo Amor - 'Haven' (from Life Is Strange)

I haven't got a press release for this one, but it would feel criminal to keep a track that has instantly come to mean so much and to bring me so much joy away from the site. It's always a lovely surprise to find a brand new track from one of your favourite artists has been released. In this case, the track is Haven by Novo Amor, written for the soundtrack of the game Life Is Strange. Ali describes it as "a personal glory for me, to make music for a game. I've always wanted to since I was a baby." 

I must have listened to this twenty or so times since it was released on Friday. For me, it's the essence of Spring rolled into a 3 minute track. Escapism in a song. It's everything I adore about Ali's music, with David Grubb's violin as ever pairing with Ali's vocals to make the most glorious of tunes. So much love. 

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