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Hello! Megan from Cool Music and Things here. Thanks for visiting the blog! It's over four years old and I've been really overwhelmed by the response to my posts in that time. I started the blog as a way for me to shout about the music that I love and never expected to really reach beyond my friend circle, or, in reality, myself. So to have reached over 120,000 all time page views and have over 500 likes on Facebook is a little mind-blowing.

I currently work in retail (I sell books!) and run this blog in my (limited) spare time. Aside from the odd free gig and early access to new tunes, I've never earned any cash through the blog, and wholeheartedly run it for the love of the music. However, as you can probably imagine, the blog has had various outgoings over the years, including domain hosting, business cards, travel to concerts and membership to an online spreadsheet website where I plan all of my posts and basically organise the entire blog.

I set up an account on Ko-fi for the blog - you can find it here. It's a site where you can donate (via Paypal) the cost of a coffee to creatives whose content you enjoy. I'm not looking to profit from the blog, but a little help to make it more self-sustainable would be really appreciated if you've enjoyed a post or two here. Thanks so much in advance!

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