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Hello! Megan from Cool Music And Things here, the blog has just turned two years old and I’ve been overwhelmed by the response in that time. It started as a way for me to share the music I love with anyone who was kind enough to listen and I never expected much of an audience, but I’ve recently passed 40,000 all time views and have over 400 likes on Facebook. I have recently set the blog up on Twitter and Instagram too if you’d like to give it a follow there!

Aside from free gigs and early access to new tunes, which are both great of course, I’ve never gained any cash out of the blog and wholeheartedly run it for the love of the music and to spread the word about my favourite musicians. As my time at university draws to a close, I join the working world and my free time decreases, I've been thinking of ways to raise a little cash through the blog, so that I can afford to continue to dedicate my free time to blogging. A little cash to cover the costs of buying a URL and business cards for the blog, or some funds to put towards gig tickets, if you like.

I have decided to set up a Paypal account for the blog - you can find it here. If you like what I post, want to see more and have a little spare change lying around, feel free to donate as little (or as much) as you'd like to help make the blog a little more sustainable. I'd like to offer something in return so if you would like, leave me a note on Paypal about the kind of music you're into and I will endeavour to send you a new track or artist to listen to via email - if you've already heard of them then you clearly have great taste and I'll try and send you something else!

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