Thursday 28 May 2020

LISTEN: Winnie Raeder - ‘A Quiet Way'

"How is it that you remind me, of every memory I have? 

A treat for your Thursday afternoon... Winnie Raeder shared a gorgeous new track yesterday. A Quiet Way is her first release since Baby in February, and the second to be self-produced. With a couple of years worth of singles and an EP under her belt, the London based, Denmark-born artist seems to carry with her a confidence and skill that feels as if she's been doing this for far longer. She's something special, that's for sure.

Winnie describes that the new track is "really about the admiration and gratitude you can have for someone that's been a part of your life at some point. It's paying your respects to someone you hold a great amount of love for, without projecting any desires onto them. I guess it really came from the thought that some people will just have an everlasting impact on us somehow, even when they're not actively a part of our lives anymore. And I think that's lovely. It's connection without being connected somehow."

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