Friday 15 May 2020

LISTEN: Moscow Apartment - 'Halfway'

This is really wholesome. Excited to share a new track from the Canadian duo Moscow Apartment, who I featured way back in November 2018 with their single Orange. Mostly I was overwhelmed at how talented Bridghid and Pascale were, at just 15 and 16. Now 17 and 18, and just as talented (more?) they're sharing Halfway, produced with Guillermo Subauste and mixed by Scotty Hard

The track is quite a grown-up response to a teenage falling out between the pair, who are both best friends and a musical partnership. They explain that "our deep friendship developed as the band formed, so there were some growing pains in the first year as we figured out how to process stress, anxiety and disagreements. One day we had a big fight and Pascale wrote the beginning of our new single, as a way to ask Brighid for forgiveness. Brighid wrote the second verse and worked on the chorus, giving birth to this song." 

They go on to explain that while the situation seemed hopeless, with the added stress of needing time apart while needing to work together musically, they were "given the opportunity to play a walk-on role in Stars' play, Together, and see the intensity and deep love that a band who've been together for two decades has [...] we had to remember that we really care about each other and have each other's best interests at heart." 

The duo will be releasing more music from the upcoming Better Daughter EP soon.

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