Tuesday 19 May 2020

LISTEN: Lucy Rose - 'White Car' & 'Question It All'

New music from Lucy Rose is always a reason to celebrate and she's just shared two brand new tracks, hooray!! Question It All and White Car arrive as stand-alone tracks, the first new music since the 2019 record No Words Left, which was a highlight of the year for me, musically. While the record was sonically a very delicate release, focusing on Lucy's vocals, guitar, piano and strings, the new tracks have... drums! And for the first time, Lucy played them herself - seen in the video for Question It All (more on that later...)

Having recorded both tracks in late 2019, Lucy describes that "at the time something didn't feel quite right about releasing them [...] I worried that because the songs lyrically didn't spell out exactly how I was feeling; they were more vague, almost disguising my feelings, that meant they weren't good. I was in an intense period of time musically singing the songs from the last album that sort of punched me in the stomach when I heard and played them and these two songs didn't make me feel the same."

Wanting to help fans in the current situation, but not wanting to add personal pressure and stress with a live stream, the release of the tracks is a perfect compromise. Lucy explains "I revisited these two new songs and I heard them in a completely different way [...] the abstract quality of the music really helped me escape my own thoughts and I enjoyed them as pieces of music [...] it's almost like a whole different meaning came to life." 

Question It All arrives with a lovely video collage with footage of Lucy's fans around the world - a really heartwarming look into the activities that are getting people through lockdown, and I think a nice reminder that wherever we are, we're far more similar and connected than we're sometimes led to believe. 

Lucy explains that "I thought that it would be good to pair the song with something that was uplifting in this strange time and hopefully made some people happy. I put out a post asking my fans to send me a video of something that is helping them through this time and bring them joy. Every video I have received has made me smile so much, they are so heart-warming and together have made a video that’s really meaningful to me. Making it has brought me a lot of happiness and I hope for those who are in it and watch it feel the same too.”

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