Wednesday 6 May 2020

ALBUM NEWS: Gia Margaret - 'Mia Gargaret'

Album news today (well, it's over a week old but who is counting!) from Chicago singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Gia Margaret. She released her stunning debut record There's Always Glimmer back in 2018, earning herself a loyal following in the process. Touring around the world, a couple of tracks with Novo Amor and a couple of years later, she's back with the follow-up. It's not quite what you might expect. Mia Gargaret (isn't that a brill name?!) is due on June 12th, and is the result of Gia finding herself suddenly without the use of her primary instrument, her voice.

She explains that "after having to cancel tours because of illness, I was unable to sing for nearly half of the year. This left me feeling like a shell of myself, so I turned to my synthesiser for comfort. These compositions helped me hold onto my identity as a music maker. At times this music helped soothe my anxiety more than therapy or anything else could." The resulting tracks are a really timely reminder to find a bit of light in the darkness, of the healing power of music - and first listens apathy and body are superb. As you might notice when listening, apathy includes an excerpt from Gia's actual vocal therapy exercises, while body samples a lecture from Alan Watts, the British philosopher. 

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