Friday 15 May 2020

WATCH: White Tail Falls - Fake News (#5YearsOfCMAT)

It's been a bit of a crazy (but good) week.... since my post about the blog turning five, the love has been pouring in. Blogging can be quite solitary, as I sit typing away at posts about the music I love, unsure if anybody will actually read them (and I think, importantly, not really minding if they don't) so to have so much love reflected back at the blog - and by extension, my writing - is the best kind of overwhelming.

Since sharing the idea I'd had to share session style home-recorded videos from some of the blog's favourite artists a week ago, I've shared the first three videos from MF TomlinsonChristof van der Ven and China Bears on YouTube. All three are superb - watch them!! You can check out the channel and subscribe here.

Some of that love for the blog has come from Irwin Sparkes, an artist that I admire, one of my absolute favourite musical beings. About to surely blow the world away with his debut solo album, Age Of Entitlement, due out two weeks today (!!) under the moniker White Tail Falls, you might know Irwin from a couple of other bands... The Sea & I and The Hoosiers. (Me? I've never heard of them.) Between those projects, he's the artist I've seen live on stage most, and has given me so much music to enjoy over the years. When I asked if he wanted to be involved, he agreed (needing very little persuasion) and somehow found time amidst album promotion, a busy streaming schedule and baby raising duties. He's been genuinely supportive of the blog since the beginning and that - and this video - means more than I can properly express here without becoming *too* soppy.

Without more rambling.... here's the video:

The White Tail Falls track that he's performing here is Fake News, from the upcoming record. In his words it "was written about four years ago and was inspired by shock and awe at how people draw their conclusions; betting the farm on such little evidence. All the while I'm reminded of how cripplingly indecisive I can be." It's on the Fake News EP which you can listen to here.

The upcoming record is hugely personal and the process of creating it acted as a kind of complimentary therapy for Irwin, and I can't wait to hear it in full. He shared a long social media post/open letter about the record and the process recently which is worth a read.

You can (and most certainly should) pre-order the record here in all its clear vinyl, CD and download glory. There's also some copies on Rough Trade

I've been sharing the videos as I'd wanted to organise a gig to celebrate the blog's birthday. I was moved by seeing lots of grassroots venues campaigning for help on the back of the Music Venue Trust #SaveOurVenues campaign. With a barely existent local musical scene in my hometown, I've 'adopted' OMEARA and shown them some love, and I'm encouraging people to do the same, to OMEARA or their own local venue, if they're asking for support.

P.S. As I wrote this post, the blog has just passed 150000 all-time page views, which is another very crazy thing. Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!  

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