Tuesday 26 May 2020


Having only first picked up a guitar while living in university halls, what started as an emotional outlet for a student has become the long-term dream for DREUW. Taking inspiration and finding comparisons with artists such as Bon Iver and RY X, he has played shows alongside the likes of Adam Barnes and Archie Faulks, and recently moved to Leeds to further pursue a career in music. Heavy is the first new release since the move, and a beautiful tune it is.

The track was written from the viewpoint of an individual supporting the mental health of his partner, to the detriment of his own. The subject matter feels reminiscent of Bear's Den tune Hiding Bottles, which looks at the affects of addiction on those close to the person. Writing about Heavy, DREUW posits that "the attentiveness shown from society on those who suffer with mental health is hugely important, as it should be, yet we sometimes forget to consider the weight that it can place onto those closest to them. I guess it's a feeling of isolation and helplessness that is consuming the romantic partner in this instance. They're yearning for a sign that the love once there is not lost." The track feels like a timely reminder to not only care for the wellbeing of those around us, but to look out for ourselves and seek help if we need it.

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