Wednesday 13 May 2020

WATCH: Cj Pandit - 'Talk Talk Talk!'

I fell a little in love with Digital Love from Cj Pandit a couple of months back. It's more relevant than ever now and I'm not entirely over the lyric "I'm an 8-bit version of myself." Properly genius that. I'm delighted that he's back with a brand new track and a perfectly simple but effective video (complete with dancing!) Talk Talk Talk! has been stuck in my head constantly for days and I've headed towards it every time I've opened Spotify recently. Really digging this one.

Talking about the track, he explains that "it's me trying to understand what it means to feel alone in a group of people, when everything gets a little overwhelming, and the idea that it's ok to just disappear into the night. Also it's got a big piano solo that I'd hope Bruce Hornsby would be proud of." 

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