Wednesday 31 March 2021

WATCH: Lacuna Common - 'Window Pane'

As the creator of a blog that very much found its feet within the Oxford scene, I'll always take an opportunity to shout about a new band in the city doing brilliant things, so I'm pretty excited to share this track. Window Pane is the latest tune from Lacuna Common, a four-piece band from the Oxford area. Meeting as teenagers in the surrounding satellite towns, they bonded over their mutual love of classic British guitar music and road racing, and formed the band after a weekend at Truck Festival. A few singles in, this new track is taken from their upcoming EP It's All Talk, due for release this May. In true collaborative Oxford music-scene style, the superb video is directed by BE GOOD frontman Ash Cooke

Talking about the track, lead singer Alfie Frank shares: "It's a song about the feeling of that 'normal life' - cleaning your car on a Sunday, keeping up appearances with your neighbours, doing the same routine week in week out, dreaming about ways your life could be different. You can see it isn't for you and that you don't want to end up like everybody else. There's also a sense of knowing that the likelihood of this happening is very high and that it's not at all a bad thing. After all, there's still something cool in finding the romance in going shopping and locking eyes with a beautiful girl/boy and wondering what would come if you spoke to each other."

On the video, Ash Cooke writes: "In this video we wanted to explore the mundane and repetitive loops of life. Almost like Groundhog Day in a British town. We wanted to show Alfie gradually breaking out of those loops and that gave us the chance to just have fun doing stupid stuff. I've wanted to throw oranges at Alfie for a long time, so this project was a dream come true for me." 

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