Monday 22 March 2021

WATCH: feeo - 'end song'

Oooooh, a new feeo tune! Kicking the week off in glorious style with this one. End Song is her first new music for 2021, taken from the upcoming debut EP feels like we're getting older doesn't it, due for release on 4th July via Oxford's Upcycled Sounds label. (And yes, it does. Somehow I have a 10 year-old nephew as of a couple of days ago... how?!) I loved Yeti last year and knew I'd be in for a treat with this one... so good. It's unlike anything else you'll listen to this week. A rich bed of influences from jazz, folk and reggae combine in the production of this dystopian tune. 

On the track, feeo shares: "End Song is about the stretch of time just before the apocalypse. The calm before the storm. Like a waiting room. Everyone sitting around reading magazines, checking their watches. "Shouldn't this have ended by now?" Looking around the room waiting for God to put his big sandalled foot down and blow us all up."

"Sonically, I wanted things to feel really wonky and broken. I was imagining going into a half-collapsed pub during World War 3, the air thick with dust and radiation. In the back corner is this band drunkenly playing Dub. The drummer keeps falling off his stool. The bassist is missing a couple of strings. The nuclear fallout has gone to everyone's heads. I played bess myself in order to get the jarring metallic twanging that could only be achieved by a total novice." 

And on the music video, which was directed, shot and edited by feeo herself, she adds: "this past year has led me to believe that the end of the world will involve copious amounts of pornography, Benzodiazepine, meme-based conspiracy theories and internet side scroller games; sandwiched between instagram stories full of riots, hyper-consumerism and things exploding. I spliced videos I filmed on phones and webcams with found footage from the internet, in an attempt to recreate the feeling of watching the apocalypse through a laptop screen." 

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