Friday 19 March 2021

WATCH: Maja Lena - 'Sacred Practice'

Rounding off a lovely week of new music with the brand new tune from Maja Lena. Formerly of alt-folk band Low Chimes, she is due to release her debut solo album The Keeper in July via Chiverin. It is an album created within the (understandable) worries and feelings of self doubt brought on by setting out solo - but from what we've heard so far, I'd say she has absolutely nothing to worry about. Every aspect of the project is stunning, with vocals, lyrics and instrumentation melding in the tracks to create something really beautiful. Beyond the music, though intertwined with it, the visual accompaniments - press shots, live videos and the music video below - manage to elevate things even further. The video was created by frequent visual collaborator Aloha Bonser-Shaw

On the new track, Maja Lena shares: "Sacred Practice is a song dedicated to some of the smaller things in life. The daily tasks and Practices that can end up becoming the most valuable, and make your mind a more peaceful place to be. It is also a musing in how sometimes missed opportunities and unwanted change can eventually turn out to be a good thing, and help you to grow as a person..." 

The Keeper is due on 23rd July via Chiverin Records.

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