Thursday 11 March 2021

WATCH: Low Island - 'I Do It For You'

Earlier this week I needed to come up with a list of some of my top musical tips for the year for something. The easiest/first name to add? Low Island. I am so ridiculously excited for their debut album to arrive. Already, with some glorious EPs under their belts, they've been achieving incredible things - a spot on the FIFA soundtrack, filling up the airwaves on BBCR1 and 6 Music and press support all over the place, but this album is surely destined to be AOTY quality. Crossing my fingers that it gets them all the love and recognition that they deserve. A particularly DIY outfit, If You Could Have It All Again arrives on their label Emotional Interference on April 16th and this new track is the latest in a line of beautifully written and produced tracks to be taken from it. They're really rather good. 

I Do It For You arrives with a live performance video that, when I watched it for the first time last week, had me feeling like I was at a Low Island show for those last few artfully chaotic moments. Just for a minute, it felt like maybe everything was OK. Shows as soon as possible, I hope. About the track, singer Carlos Posada explains that "this song is about someone recognising that they're dutifully putting everything into a relationship that is fundamentally doomed, all for the sake of the 'idea' of love, rather than the person themselves." 

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