Tuesday 30 March 2021

LISTEN: Red Moon - 'Emotional'

"I could be still water, so calm so calm so calm in the middle of the storm." 

A couple of weeks ago, Norway's Red Moon (aka Joanna-Deborah Bussinger) shared her latest single Emotional. That's quite the word for it, but I can think of some others: powerful, passionate and elegant. In her tracks, Joanna brings together the creativity that surrounded her upbringing via her mother and grandmother, both painters, and her education at a music academy to make something truly beautiful. I was mesmerised from the first singles last year. Emotional is her second track of the year, following the equally stunning Fragile, and last year's Phase I:XI EP.  

On the track, she shares: "this song is a confrontation between yourself and someone who throws you off balance; like when things escalate in a fight or when it seems like there is no way out of a specific moment. In hindsight, you know things could have been handled differently. I'm still looking to find that "balance" of finding a safe place for communicating in the midst of a fight. Because in the heat of the moment our emotions cause us to misunderstand each other and ruin what we wanted to accomplish through our fight. It's accepting what I am feeling and still know it always takes two to want to solve a conflict." 

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