Friday 5 March 2021

LISTEN: JMES - 'Porcelain'

Happy Friday! Again... is it just me that the weeks are absolutely flying for? I swear the only markers of time I have at the moment are quiz shows and New Music Friday and they just keep on happening over and over. Like Groundhog Day but it's just The Chase on repeat. I was wishing the time away for the release of this track however... I've been excited to share this one for a little while now. Porcelain is the brand new track from JMES, AKA 20 y/o Texas-based Caroline Baker. Warning: it's super catchy. Following in the same vein of recent single Ready To Love Again, which explored love in the time of a pandemic, the new track is more direct, inspired by a toxic relationship that the artist was in. 

She shares that... "I wrote 'Porcelain' as if I were an outsider looking at my relationship and its current state. I wanted to separate myself and really look at the full picture and what I would say about it if it was not my relationship. The verses and beginning of the chorus highlight that toxicity." 

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