Thursday 4 March 2021

LISTEN: Gold Baby - 'Betty'

Happy (drizzly) Thursday... here's a new track from North London grunge-pop trio Gold Baby, one of my favourite releases from last week. With some songs and a band name in tow, songwriter Siân Alex moved to London from Nottingham in 2018, setting about finding fellow musicians. She found Sweden-born bassist Sara Kleppe and Bristolian drummer Scott Hislop and the rest is.... glorious indie-pop history. New track Betty is taken from their forthcoming EP, due on 26th March, which was produced by Ian Flynn at, mastered by Pete Mayer and is supported by Help Musicians

On the EP, Siân shares: "Art is a reaction to, and a reflection of, the world we live in. Even in such politically crazy times, when you're never leaving your house it's harder to make sense of anything - isolation is stressful, and a hard place to reflect on anything from. That said, keeping up a creative practise has been really therapeutic and given me focus. My hope is that when real life starts up again society can rebuild better with a reordered set of priorities, and with a world of people more finely tuned to the things that our bodies and brains need to feel okay. It has been a devastating time, but there's a lot that can be turned into positive change, and I'm optimistic about that." 

On the character of Betty within the song, she shares: "Betty is a representation of all that is beautiful and feminine. She's like a Disney princess and I'm the creepy kid watching her, all mixed up about where I want her to be my mum, or my girlfriend, or whether I want to be her. She reminds me of my mum and I'm thinking about the ways that we're different, wondering who I'm supposed to be growing up into. An amalgamation of memories and fantasy, Betty is an exploration of identity told through a tantrum: that's not who I am, that's not who I am!" 

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