Wednesday 24 March 2021

ALBUM NEWS: Chloe Foy - 'Where Shall We Begin'

Exciting album news time! Gloucestershire-via-Manchester singer-songwriter Chloe Foy has released new single Shining Star and announced news of her debut album, Where Shall We Begin, due for release via her own label on 11th June. The record represents a piece of work many years in the making, carefully thought through, releasing into the world not a minute too soon. The album was recorded at Pinhole Studios in Manchester alongside an army of musical collaborators, with Chloe co-producing alongside musical collaborator Harry Fausing Smith, who is also responsible for the string arrangements. 

Chloe shares: “For me, this album has come out of a decade of hard graft, trying to balance my craft with making a living, whilst taking my time to get it right. All whilst dealing with the fallout of a huge bereavement in my most formative years. I was finding it hard to work out who I was within this new, alien context of losing a parent. These songs are my most inner and deepest secrets. The kind of things I only express to those closest to me, but for some reason in song, I can be open with the world.”

On lead track Shining Star, Chloe reflects on her father's decision not to pursue his passion in life. She shares that: "my dad was a talented artist and potter, but instead of following that path, he worked an office job in the pursuit of money which ultimately made him very unhappy. It gave me an early life lesson to follow a creative path if it presents itself and to ignore the pressures of society to conform to a certain life. Because it won't necessarily make you happy." 

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