Thursday 17 December 2020

WATCH: Fleet Foxes - 'Can I Believe You' (Live)

Not going to lie, I've been full on losing my mind over this performance for a few days now. It might be the church setting, but I am full on transcending over this one. The ever gorgeous Fleet Foxes, who released their record Shore earlier in the year (and a beautiful record it is) took to St Ann & The Holy Trinity in NYC to record a live performance of Can I Believe You for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. With the Resistance Revival Chorus offering choral back-up in the pews, it's a stunning performance all over. Heavenly, even. 

Sharing the performance online, the band wrote: "Special thanks to the Resistance Revival Chorus, Homer Steinweiss, Sean Pecknold, Beatriz Artola, Mark Yoshizumi and Katie, Kate Jackson Mendel, James Fideler, Eli Cane, Aja Pecknold, Elia Lyssy, Marcin Kapron, Geideon Fideler, Austin Williams, Anna Caradeuc, Andie Neff, Erin Boyd, ANTI- Records, as well as Lauren Bakoian and everyone else at St. Ann & The Holy Trinity for helping make the performance happen in these very strange circumstances! Was really fun. Please wear masks and get the vaccine so we don’t have to wear masks or film ourselves with iPhones in 2021."

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