Thursday 3 December 2020

ALBUM NEWS: MF Tomlinson - 'Strange Time'

Brilliant news incoming, folks... MF Tomlinson is back with a new tune. Aptly named, Strange Time is the title track of his debut album, due for release in 2021. With a  psychedelic video courtesy of visual artist Tomas Jefanovas, the track is his attempt to reflect the experiences of us all this year. Written in the middle of the year at his newly set up stripped-back home studio, Michael describes how "lots of things started to click [...] it was a time of immense growth as a writer. I felt a new level of freedom in the music I was making." 

"My solo project is definitely a group effort. I'm incredibly lucky to collaborate with a wide network of creatives - I like to call them the MF's because they're all insanely talented mother fuckers. They come from all over the world - Turkey, Japan, Finland, New Zealand as well as of course the UK. The recording process for this release basically involved sending out a demo, having a chat on the phone and waiting to see what came back. I was never disappointed - god bless the internet." 

On the new track in particular, he shares..."Strange Time is the phrase that you can't escape these days - it'll come up in almost every conversation you have. It's a purely autobiographical song, in a world so bizarre that it almost feels like writing in character. I was driven, almost to an unhealthy extent, to get this song out. As things shut down I felt I was sinking into a sleep, anxious, twilight world that these languorous chords seemed to capture. I just had to find the right words."

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