Friday 4 December 2020

WATCH: The Staves - 'Satisfied'

New The Staves yes yes yesssss!! God, I love these ladies. Satisfied is the third track to be taken from their upcoming record Good Woman (listen to the title track - it's a dream) which is due for release on 5th Feb 2021. Kicking off the year as we mean to go on with a brilliant record. Each single is excelling the last and I am super excited (could you tell?!) The harmonies!!! And the live video below, recorded at Sunbeam Studios and directed by Olivia Eames with their touring band is a total feast for the senses.

On the new track, the band explain "This started out with an acoustic guitar. The song asking its subject - will they ever be satisfied with what they have? Is it ever enough? But also urging them not to give up on themselves, and love. The song really came to life when we added the band, and gave strength and a backbone to the whole sentiment of the song (as well as a great groove!) Hope you enjoy..."

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