Wednesday 16 December 2020

WATCH: Dust In The Sunlight - 'Hard To Explain'

It feels as if it's really been a year for covers - with recent albums and EPs of covers from the likes of James Blake, Patricia Lalor, Dizzy, Marika Hackman and Rosie Carney either circulating my speakers or waiting eagerly to be listened to. It's also been pretty exciting to have a new The Strokes record this year (about a billion days ago back in... April?) Combine the two, and you get this brand new offering from London duo Dust In The Sunlight, a dreamy slow-jam of a Hard To Explain cover, from the debut Strokes record. 

Initially demoed in lockdown, the duo teamed up with Essex-based producer Tom Donovan on this one, layering their vocals with a rich tapestry of sounds to create that dreamy atmosphere. The music video, created as a collaboration between animator Mindless Omission and photographer Lauren Luxenberg, features super 8 footage of the band interspersed through retro shots of NYC, offering that same nostalgic atmosphere. There's something exciting about hearing a fresh version of a song you hold dearly - loving this. 

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