Monday 7 December 2020

WATCH: Declan McKenna - 'Rapture'

Absolutely loving this!! Declan McKenna recently shared a video for Rapture, one of my favourite tracks from his second record Zeros, which was released a few months back. In typical form for Declan it's a little bit bonkers and brings some much needed fun in this crazy year. The video is directed by Jocelyn Anquitil and Declan has this to say about the track and video.... 

"Rapture - though it seems to touch on the current state of the world - was born early last year, and reflects some of my thoughts on the end of the word and the threats that humanity will face in the future, and on common fears for the future. The problem we face now seems to be that for each common fear there is a contrasting view that at least appears to have wide support, I guess my worry now is how such huge numbers of people can move forward without unity under immediate threat. The new music video isn't the most serious in concept, for a song based around the end of the world in times so hard for not just myself but all those involved in making it, we had to seek some joy and humour... and we had to shoot outside in the cold." 

Restrictions permitting, Declan will be performing a short run of in-stores in February, before a tour across the UK and Europe in Spring. 

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