Tuesday 15 December 2020

WATCH: Fil Bo Riva - 'Cold Mine'

I'd somehow missed the teasers posted online and it was a total joy to find a brand new Fil Bo Riva tune on my release radar a couple of Fridays ago. He's long been a favourite of mine (and by extension, the blog) and released his brill debut album Beautiful Sadness early last year. If you haven't listened to that, and the incredible If You're Right, It's Alright EP (which was released way back in 2016!) then get on that, pronto. New track Cold Mine follows in the sonic footsteps that the record set down, and started life late last year. I love Fil, and new music is such a treat!

Sharing the track online, Fil wrote "I started to write Cold Mine last winter but really finished it off a few months back. I've been writing and recording full time over the last year, it's something I haven't done since the start of the project and I noticed how good it feels again - just being creative, focusing on my music and on producing."

"During this period I was struggling with a good bit of things, probably like a lot of people during these times. I've felt loneliness live I never did before but that somehow helped me with the songs, as the sadness always does. I was thinking about what to do next, what music to release, how to do it and if I should do it. Finally I decided to bring out this track to end this year with something that makes me feel good - maybe also to close off chapter and open a new one. I really hope you love the song the way I do. I hope you can feel something in it and make it yours." 

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