Thursday 10 December 2020

LISTEN: Zarif - 'Click'

Debut single time.... sort of. London-based grunge/alt-pop newcomer Zarif has shared lead single Click from her upcoming Square One EP, due for release on 29th Jan. The EP title is symbolic for Zarif - who has previously released a pop-soul record on a major label, through which she garnered lots of press attention and even supported BeyoncĂ© on tour. She describes how "when you're signed to a major label, everything is a compromise. An album that started out quite raw and rocky ended up being turned into a glossier, poppier end product that I didn't even recognise when it came out." 

This time around things are very different, she recorded independently"in many a messy bedroom in South London" and, crucially, kept hold of that creative freedom. The result is an exciting first taste of the new EP - I can't wait to hear more. 

About the track, she explains that it "is about having the rug pulled from under you, being in uncharted territory, finding yourself lost. It's about getting into survival mode and fight or flight kicking in, all the while trying to find yourself, clicking your heels hoping to find your way back to whatever you call home." 

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