Monday 21 December 2020

WATCH: Catgod - 'Sometimes I Care for You'

I often ramble on about how much I miss my dear Oxford and all of the gorgeous (both inside and out) music pals that I have there. Even more this year. Included in that group are Catgod - siblings Robin and Cat were like a little second family to me while I lived in the city. Between shows, I helped them out with some PR when I should probably have been writing essays, and more importantly, spent many an evening in G&Ds consuming brownie sundaes and pizza bagels with them. Robin and Cat front the Oxford-based collective, alongside Patrick Bolton on piano, George Purnell on drums and Casper Miles on bass and electric guitar. A veritable group of local music superstars if ever I heard of one. 

I was delighted to receive an email from the group recently, sharing news of their brand new track Sometimes I Care For You. It's out in the world now, and they've just released a lovely music video too, made by Paddy during lockdown, which you can watch below. Bit of soothing for the soul, I think. It is "an ode to the isolation we feel when we cannot say how we feel or express ourselves and the heartache which comes from not knowing where you stand with your lover." Cat takes the lead on this one, with Robin's own vocals blending in perfectly. Brilliant vocalists individually, something near-heavenly happens when their vocals combine. Perhaps it's a sibling thing. Soothing orchestration takes nothing away from the vocals here, they're almost lulling you in with this one. 

The track is the first of three singles to be taken from their new album Born Again, due in spring 2021. It was recorded in Foel Studios in Wales and produced by another Oxford legend, Tim Turan, who has worked with the like of RIDE and Supergrass. Album details soon! 

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