Friday 20 November 2020

EP NEWS: Lizzie Reid - 'Cubicle'

About a month after sharing her last single Seamless (which has been circulating through my headphones and my heart ever since) I'm delighted to share news from Lizzie Reid. She's just announced her debut EP Cubicle, set for release via 7476 on January 22nd, with new single Always Else. It's gorgeous. If there's a Laura Marling esque gap in your life/speakers, the intimacy and beauty of Lizzie's music, touching on themes of love, loss and heartbreak, can certainly fill it and then some. 

Speaking about the new track Lizzie explains that "this song is about insecurity. Feeling like you're not quite up to it. It's about obsessing with the idea of perfection and worth - whether that be about your physical appearance, your personality or social identity."

Managing to squeeze in the recording before lockdown hit, Lizzie created the EP with producer Oli Barton-Wood at her Glasgow home back in March. He travelled to Scotland with a case of recording equipment and they finished the EP just in time. Of the collection of tracks, Lizzie shares that "it is really important to me that I got to make something with people I care about and that we created something amazing and genuine." 

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