Friday 27 November 2020

WATCH: MarthaGunn - 'Nowhere To Run'

It's no secret that I'm a big MarthaGunn fan and I'm loving their new track & video! From their debut single Heaven (which was recently re-released), early shows at Bushstock and Notting Hill Arts Club and even booking them to play a showcase at WOMAD Festival a couple of years back (madness!) I've loved watching them grow and discover their groove. The five-piece's friendship screams through the music, they're a really special group. Nowhere To Run is the follow-up to their recent EP Caught Up & Confused. 

Talking about the track, Abi shares "I am absolutely obsessed with all things love, it's just all I write about [...] it's beautiful and heartbreaking how lives can intertwine and fall apart. I think about lives as lines being drawn - sometimes you are parallel, and then you divert, maybe you crossover again, maybe you don't." 

"'I push you away then I get sad when you don't stay' - this lyric sums it up. Living far away from someone you love is not easy. I thought for a long time that it would be easier to ignore my feelings and hope that one day our paths would cross again. We live different lives, and I never wanted to get in the way of each other's dreams. But now I've realised, the only time we have is now, so if you love someone, just go and fucking tell them before you lose them forever."

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