Monday 23 November 2020

LISTEN: HANYA - 'Monochrome'

As I sit down to type this, I'm trying to hear over the sound of pieces of our kitchen ceiling falling to the ground.... intentionally, that is, thanks to some noisy workmen. The chaos has pointed me towards dreamy soundscapes for a bit of peace, and this new HANYA track Monochrome is doing the trick. They're a shoegaze-y quartet from Brighton with a couple of EPs under their belts which I'm just having a deep dive into and digging. Frontwoman Heather Sheret's vocals are dreamy on this new tune, I feel somewhat transported by it...

Talking on the track, the band share that "with a break from live shows, each of us had a chance to reinvigorate our songwriting. It's difficult when you're always rehearsing for the next show to really mess around and make music with no real direction. 'Monochrome' started off this way, a hazy-pop ballad written on a midi-keyboard. Now we're all back together, we fleshed out the chaos together and developed the track's full dream-pop potential. It's a song about re-connection with what makes you happy, taking pleasure from the little things." 

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