Tuesday 17 November 2020

EP NEWS: Francis of Delirium - 'Wading'

Loving this. Francis of Delirium burst into the world with Quit Fucking Around earlier this year, releasing their debut EP All Change to much acclaim. The duo, made up of 19 year-old Jana Bahrich and collaborator Chris Hewett, who are Canadian-American in origin and Luxembourg-based, have just announced their second EP, Wading, due in February. Their debut EP saw Jana searching for identity and finding it in the relationships with her friends and family and her passion in connecting with strangers through performance. The follow-up continues this exploration - what happens when these connections aren't available to us? Very much a 2020 problem. 

On lead single Lakes, Jana comments "the main idea in Lakes is that we are all fed by other people (or other "rivers") to eventually form who we are, one large lake fed by other water streams, one community. Left emptied and lost, you begin to lose your sense of self. Your anchor was the people around you, and now you're tied to nothing, floating around in a space alone." 

Following from being songwriter, videographer and artwork creator on All Change, the new EP sees Jana add co-producer to that list. Influences on production included the recent albums from Bon IverDua Lipa and Caroline Polachek, with Jana waking up early to listen to an album on her balcony each day (I admire the ability and commitment to do this!)

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