Monday 30 November 2020

LISTEN: bb sway - 'habits'

I first heard bb sway back in September with her single I Found Out When the Day Had Come (and the particularly joyous music video that came with it, dancing with cows included) but never got round to sharing it here. Attempting to rectify that with her new single habits, which I'm channelling towards your speakers & hearts now... in her trademark style, using bedroom pop to deliver relatable and heartfelt tunes, it's catchy but meaningful. Love this! 

On the track, she shares "I wrote habits to help me with my mental health. When depression hits (at the time, it was SAD in particular), I think it's important to stay active, and be proactive in doing things that keep the mind and body stimulated. Writing 'habits' (and listening to it) helped me stay positive and remember that sad periods don't last forever, and there are things I can do to help myself!" 

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