Monday 16 November 2020

WATCH: Maja Lena - 'Avalanche'

Feeling like you've stumbled across a beautiful song almost by accident is always a joy, right? I saw a couple of posts about this track early last week, namely from Emma Gatrill who had played clarinet on it. She's brilliant so I decided to give it a quick listen, it'd be rude not to, surely? Correct, it's a stunner. Avalanche is the debut solo track from Maja Lena, but by no means her first venture out into the musical world. Maja is the solo moniker and Swedish name of Marianne Parrish, formerly of alt-folk band Low Chimes. Recorded alongside and produced by former bandmate Rob Pemberton at his home studio in Stroud, this track sets Marianne along her way, solo but in comfortable surroundings. 

In the track, the metaphor of an unsuccessful mountain expedition is used to reflect an era in life coming to an end. Marianne details: "Avalanche tells a short albeit arduous tale of expectations vs reality. A long life lesson in this is mirrored in a failed hike up a mountain in the Lake District which inspired the song, involving a giant knee-deep bog and a thunderstorm. It is also about learning to accept things how they've turned out and having to let go of our mind pictures." Directed by Tom Jacob, the music video (below) follows Marianne's journey towards the peak, showing the vast landscape interspersed with super-8 shots from Marianne's own point of view.

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