Friday 13 November 2020

LISTEN: Dizzy - 'Basement Covers'

It's new Dizzy day! Kind of. Almost. Really excited to share their superb new Basement Covers EP. Following on from their sophomore record The Sun and Her Scorch which was released earlier this year, they're back with an EP of covers recorded through quarantine. With covers of tracks by The National, Talking Heads and Sylvan Esso already out in the world, the four-track EP is today completed with its crowning glory, their cover of Britney Spears' Lucky.  

I absolutely adore Dizzy frontwoman Katie's quote on choosing a Britney track to cover - "we chose to cover Lucky by Britney because it's a great song, the same way I think all of the other cover songs we chose are great. I hate when music snobs stick their noses up at mainstream pop that is largely embraced by young girls. I always think like what if some old white rock dude released Lucky? Some writer would eat that shit up. Listening to music with a preconceived lens will make up your mind about a song before you even get to the first chorus. Good songs are good songs. Oh yeah and girls rule. End quote." 

Listen to the Basement Covers EP here 

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