Wednesday 12 May 2021

LISTEN: Cj Pandit - 'Bad Bad Fun'

To be honest, I've listened to very little for the past week that wasn't the new Cj Pandit EP and I have no regrets about that. I am so so happy & proud of Christian for this. We've never actually met in *real life* but I caught him playing live once towards the end of my time in Oxford - he was supporting at a Willie J Healey show I went to with pals from the local scene, in part celebrating handing in my final assignment. That show was waaaaay back in May 2017 (another gig is long overdue) and it's been such a joy to watch his journey (if at a distance) since then. Early singles as Magique and really coming into his own creatively under his own name. I love all of his musical output so far and I am adoring this EP.

It's late as I type this and I could ramble more, but I'd rather you took the time to just soak the EP into your ears/minds/hearts - it's on Spotify here. If you'd like a taster first, the newest single to be taken from the EP is Bad Bad Fun and it has instantly become one of my favourite songs of the year. So. Much. Love. 

On the track, Cj explains: "This is the euphoric part of these times for me. Mistakes repeated, bad decisions in the name of fun, the chaos and mess, and fall out of said decisions. Apologising, making up, and breaking up. The messiness of being human. I think bad bad fun is a little slice of guilty pleasures we all crave from time to time. I just wanted it to feel like it was bursting out the speakers, a thousand voices singing from the same song sheet, holding each other up and bouncing about in the July sunshine.”

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