Monday 3 May 2021

WATCH: VC Pines - 'See You Soon'

I'm always a fan of new VC Pines and I'm really digging his latest track, See You Soon, lifted from his upcoming EP Concrete, which was written and produced during lockdown. Jack's vocals are completely on form here. Superb. Once you've listened to this, take yourself to the streaming platform of your choice and devour his back catalogue - you won't regret it for a second. He's just shared a video for the track, created by Apollo Films with director Adrian Lee - following a recent creative arc reflecting back the isolation and confines that we've all experienced over the last year...

On the video, VC Pines shares: "See You Soon as a song is about the various changes you see in people throughout the night and the different levels of emotions involved, especially at an after party. So with the video we wanted to convey mixed emotions within one person, using mirrors to reflect this. The different mirror shots portray feels of boredom, loneliness, happiness, anxiousness and the cheekiness of 'the devil on your shoulder'. And then towards the end of the video there's a change in the lighting to mark the end of the night when anxiety hits and you know you should have gone home hours ago, mixed in with mirror shots of other feelings begging you to stay..." 

The Concrete EP is due for release via Theory Records on May 26th, and VC is set to play a launch gig at the gorgeous St Pancras Old Church on July 28th. 

"I knew I wanted to do an EP launch show to celebrate Concrete (just like we all would have been able to do a year and a half ago without question) but there's still a bit of uncertainty and all that. My team and I have been looking at some weird and wonderful places that could be adapted to any sudden changes but also maintain that intimate feeling and so we found St Pancras Old Church! I'm desperate to showcase the new tunes for the first time and finally play live to you all again. The intimacy of this venue will provide a unique experience for us all and I think the tunes are going to sound beaut in there."

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