Tuesday 25 May 2021

WATCH: Vanessa Gimenez - 'Make It Rain'

I am genuinely delighted about this news: Vanessa Gimenez, who some of you might recognise as the vocalist of Swimming Girls, is back with new music! The band had a brilliant few years, taking in shows around the country (I caught them from the back of a *very* busy pub at The Great Escape back in 2017) before disbanding in 2019. I'm incredibly excited to see that Vanessa has been working on a solo project - Make It Rain is her debut single, and it marks a confident return to the scene. Can't. Stop. Listening. 

On the track, Vanessa shares: "Make It Rain was the first song written for this project. To me it's about retaining that childlike sensibility that is full of hope and dreams. A mindset that a lot of people lose once they grow older." 

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